“I firmly believe that when it comes to kids, it is not about nutrition and recipes, it’s about taste education, love for food and family connection through food exploring and cooking” - Perrine Quivron, creator and owner of Petit Foodies


DRM Cafe is so excited to have Perrine join our growing team of chefs and teachers. Perrine was born and raised in France, having recently moved to St. Charles and share her passion for taste education with our community. She previously was the lead teacher of the Fox Ridge Culinary Club here in St. Charles, where she engaged and led classes to large groups of elementary children, exploring various cuisines from countries around the world.

The Petit Foodies main goal is to help children develop a happy and healthy relationship with food and to also educate and guide parents in how to approach eating and cooking creatively and with good nutrition to their children. Perrine will engage children as young as infants through teenagers with a hands-on approach to healthy cooking and eating. Unique themes will be presented for each class…and she even incorporates singing, recipe sharing, and other fun and age appropriate elements for each of the classes she presents. Perrine explores the unique cuisine from countries like France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, and more. Her students here at DRM have been cooking dishes such as Moroccan stews, couscous, carpaccio, homemade lasagna, and more! Click on the buttons below to sign up for Perrine’s classes here at DRM Cafe and to learn more about her and the classes she will be offering to the community!