Popular & Unique Catering Themes

In addition to our Taste of Germany menu and Babcia’s table traditional Polish catering, we offer the following popular and unique catering themes…


New York Deli

Hot pastrami, homemade corned beef brisket, Jewish and Polish rye bread, matzo ball soup, coleslaw…NOW we are talking about our build your own reuben station and celebrate the old school delicatessens originally founded in New York City. DRM has hit a note with this popular catering menu. We can cater both hot pastrami and corned beef briskets…and supply you with your choice of bread, condiments, and sides. Add some matzo ball soup and some New York style cheesecake and call it a night! DRM is bringing back the old school flavors of the most beloved New York style deli to the midwest.


The Pierogi Bar

One pierogi, two pierogi, three pierogi, FLOOR! Offer your guests something fun and fantastic with our one of a kind homemade pierogi BAR! Choose your favorites from several of our homemade pierogi and we can supply you with all of the toppings too! This is a great option to receptions, and backyard parties, and company parties as well. We offer the following pierogi flavors: sweet cheese, meat, potato, potato/bacon, potato/cheddar, potato/bacon/cheddar, potato/cheddar/jalapeno, jalapeño/meat, sauerkraut, sauerkrat/mushroom. Choose from the following toppings: bacon, chopped Polish kielbasa, sautéed mushroom, sautéed onion, chives, parsley, dill, & sour cream.


Gluten Free & Vegetarian

Did you know that the owners of DRM follow a gluten free diet?! It is important to them to provide all customers with a delicious gluten free menu and also delicious vegetarian options as well. Most items CAN be made gluten free upon request. Please note that we are NOT a certified gluten free kitchen; however, we do our best to prevent cross contamination. Having said that…we offer gluten free potato pancakes, cabbage rolls and sauce, sauerkraut, schnitzel, select soups, warm and cold sides, and gluten free breads for all of our sandwiches. For vegetarian options, consider various vegetarian pierogi, mushroom and rice cabbage rolls, warm and cold vegetable options, veggie sandwiches like our fig and brie sandwich, and choose from our fresh green salad menu too! When placing your catering menu, please be sure to indicate which items you would like prepared gluten free. Select cakes such as our flourless chocolate ganache cake and also select cheesecakes are gluten free as well! So order away! You won’t be missing the gluten or meat at DRM!