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DRM Roast Beef

DRM Roast Beef

We roast our own meats. we stew our own traditional polish sauerkraut. we layer authentic european flavor between our fresh baked polish rye and portuguese rolls. our sandwiches are the real deal. whether you choose one for breakfast or for lunch…they won’t disappoint, you’ll be craving your next one before you even finish.

DRM Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich with Bacon & Avocado on Gluten Free Bread

DRM Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich with Bacon & Avocado on Gluten Free Bread

Egg Sandwiches

Now Serving From the time we open until 2:00pm!!!!

*FREE 160z Regular Coffee with your purchase of an egg sandwich until 11:00am-Limit One Coffee per Customer-In store offer only

*Egg & Goat Cheese-multigrain bread/goat cheese/tomato pesto/fresh spinach/sunny side egg

*Egg & Polish sausage-choice of bread/scrambled egg/slices of POLISH kielbasa/

*Egg & cheese-choice of bread/choice of cheese/eggs any way/add bacon or ham off the bone/Add avocado

*DRm breakfast plate-two eggs any way/slices of polish sausage or bacon/toast

DRM Egg & Pesto Breakfast Bowl

DRM Egg & Pesto Breakfast Bowl

Brunch Bowls

Now Serving from the time we open until 2:00!!!!

*Free 160z Regular Coffee with your PURCHASE of any brunch bowl until 11:00am-limit one coffee per customer-in store offer only

**New - Egg & Pesto breakfast bowl-Bed of quinoa/topped with an egg any way/red pepper/tomato/red onion/fresh basil/Choice of pesto (Gluten free)

***NEW Mediterranean Breakfast Bowl-quinoa/artichoke/olives/tomato/feta cheese/red onion/vinaigrette/topped with two sunny side up eggs (Gluten Free)

***(Offered starting 6/24 )Traditional Polish Kutia- Bowl of quinoa/cranberries/almon/stewed poppyseed/honey/served warm or cold with option to add cream (Gluten Free)

DRM Traditional Polish Kutia Breakfast Bowl

DRM Traditional Polish Kutia Breakfast Bowl

DRM’s New Muffaletta Sandwich

DRM’s New Muffaletta Sandwich

signature sandwiches

All Full Size sandwiches include your choice of chips and a Kosher spear pickle.

All SANDWICHES can be made on gluten free bread/select sandwiches come in 1/2 size options


***Philly cheesesteak- portuguese roll/Homemade ribeye steak/caramelized onion/melted provolone

***new DRM Muffaletta sandwich-portuguese roll/swiss cheese/provolone cheese/genoa salami/ham off the bone/mortadella/olive salad

*** NEw drm club-Homemade turkey/ham/Homemade roast beef/lettuce/tomato/red onion/mayo/choice of cheese/Portuguese Roll/ Dijon vinaigrette

*pastrami-homemade pastrami/swiss cheese/sauerkraut/lettuce/pickle/mustard/polish rye

*corned beef reuben-homemade corned beef/sauerkraut/podlaski cheese/horseradish mayo/russian dressing/mustard/pickle/polish rye

*roast beef-homemade roast beef/provolone cheese/horseradish mayo/lettuce/tomato/red onion/caramelized onion/pickled peppers/sauteed mushrooms/portuguese roll

*turkey & swiss-homeade roast turkey breast/swiss cheese/mayo/lettuce/tomato/pickle/red onion/cucumber/portuguese roll

*DRM Polish ham reuben-smoked polish ham/sauerkruat/podlaski cheese/horseradish mayo/russian dressing/mustard/pickle/polish rye

*Ham off the bone-Portuguese Roll/Podlaski cheese/horseradish mayo/lettuce/tomato/onion/hard boiled egg

*nanno paul italian-genoa salami/capicola/prosciutto/lettuce/tomato/red onion/fresh basil/portugese roll/italian vinaigrette

*cubano-smoked pork tenderloin/smoked polish ham/krolewski cheese/mustard/pickle/portuguese roll

*schnitzel-traditional german schnitzel/podlaski cheese/mayo/lettuce/tomato/mustard/red peppers/red onion/caramelized onion/sauteed MUSHROOMS/portuguese roll (offered only between 11-2pm with the hot buffet)

*polish sausage-smoked polish keilbasa/slow stewed sauerkraut/caramelized onion/mustard/portuguese roll

*zapiekanka-sauteed mushrooms/caramalized onion/add polish sausage/portuguese roll/polish ketchup

*Gelbwurst-Polish rye/swiss cheese/gelbwurst/sauerkraut/dill pickle/mustard

*salami-genoa salami/provolone/mayo/mustard/lettuce/tomato/peppers/portuguese roll

*fig & brie-creamy goat cheese/slices of brie cheese/croatian fig jam/add polish ham/portuguese roll

DRM Pastrami Sandwich

DRM Pastrami Sandwich

DRM Ham Off the Bone Sandwich

DRM Ham Off the Bone Sandwich