Daily Breakfast

Stop in for breakfast and enjoy one of the following menu items... available from 9:30-11:00am Monday through Saturday

Gluten Free Bread is available for all sandwiches


Goat Cheese & Egg- Multigrain bread, toasted and spread with warm goat cheese, roasted tomato pesto, spinach, and a sunny side up egg. $6.50

Polish Sausage & Egg- Warm Portuguese roll topped with scrambled eggs and sautéed Polish sausage $7.50

Egg & Cheese Sandwich- Warm Portuguese roll topped with egg sunny side, scrambled egg, or hard boiled egg and your choice of cheese… $6.50 option to add our Polish ham off the bone or bacon for $1.00 extra

DRM  European Breakfast Plate- Eat breakfast the European way...with our delicious DRM breakfast plate!  Two eggs any way (Boiled, scrambled, sunny side up), warm Portuguese roll with butter or fig jam, one choice of meat such as our delicious ham off the bone, Polish sausage, or Danish bacon. $7.99

This Week’s Pastries

This week’s pastries include a delicious variety of Polish cheesecakes, German strudels, and our signature European cakes.


Warm Drinks

Cafe Americano $2.50

Espresso $1.75

Cappuccino $3.25

Latte $3.25

Mocha $3.50

Chai Tea $3.25/

Pumpkin Latte $3.25

Hot Chocolate $2.75

Hot Tea $1.50