Going Gluten Free

Transforming old school recipes into lighter, healthier, and gluten free cuisine for the community!

DRM GF Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

DRM GF Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

It was about eight months into our business that my symptoms started to really intensify. I went from a constant stomach discomfort after eating to not being able to wake up in the morning due to fatigue and nausea. These symptoms I attributed to the stress of opening a new business and the unusual hours of working there all day and sometimes even at night after everybody left. I truly wasn’t feeling good. This prompted me to see my physician in which all kinds of tests were conducted. They found nothing unusual other than my iron which was alarmingly low, so low he said if his prescribed iron pills didn’t work, I would need to go to the hospital.

It was all confusing and a bit scary. Nobody knew what was going on with me. I have endured stomach aches since high school along with anemia….most doctors brushed off my stomach aches as anxiety and stress. But I thought, after countless customers came into the deli, requesting gluten free items, could I too be gluten intolerant? I told my doctor, that before any further tests were done, I would change my diet and cut out dairy and gluten.

For two weeks, I felt awful. Truthfully I felt worse, almost giving up on the diet and going back to my old eating habits, feeling it wasn't the culprit. But after sticking out for two weeks, my symptoms disappeared….I mean completely. It has been about a year and a half and I’ve never felt better, and my iron levels went up….having learned that my body wasn’t able to absorb the iron, no magic pills used here, other than over the counter iron pills and changing my diet.

DRM Pear & Apple Salad made with your choice of a homemade apple or fig balsamic vinaigrette.

DRM Pear & Apple Salad made with your choice of a homemade apple or fig balsamic vinaigrette.

Having learned this information, I stressed to Dan, the importance of revamping the menu. New gluten free items started to pop up….including all of my new salad creations with homemade dressings and new efforts to choose lunchmeat that was gluten free and supply the deli with the best tasting gluten free bread.

But then just a few months ago, Dan was feeling just as awful! Over the course of about eight months he lost about fifteen pounds. Constant stomach discomfort and the inability to hold food down was also attributed to stress. Our same doctor thought he had similar symptoms to some serious medical issues, even a visit to the ER made him realize, something was really, really wrong. Tests were conducted for pretty much anything you can imagine, and all came back fine. So he was given an allergy test, which came back with the news of dairy, soy, and gluten allergies!

DRM homemade premium pierogi…no preservative and no additives!

DRM homemade premium pierogi…no preservative and no additives!

So now what? We are two owners of a European Cafe, which is known for heavy, flour infused food! What are we to do?! Well, we are excited to ignite change into our new menu. With healthy and quality at the forefront of our business model, we want you, our customers to know, that when we say we use quality ingredients…you can trust us….because if we can eat it, you can too.

Ask your sever next time you are at a restaurant….what kind of oil they use to fry their food. Many we have found, even quality establishments, use soy. Why? Because its cheap. In fact some restaurants save/reuse their oil for fries and other fried food. You can tell when you walk into a restaurant and smell oil on the walls….its reused over and over again. Not the case with DRM. We don’t have a deep fryer, but we do use two types of oil…Canola and Olive Oil, nothing else. Our schnitzel and potato pancakes are fried and the oil is discarded. It’s a big expense for us at the restaurant, but its worth it. Our salad dressings are made with imported olive oil from Greece, never substituting cheap over quality.

We are excited for the new changes we will be implementing into our cuisine here at DRM in 2019. You will now find our cabbage rolls with sauce gluten free, along with our sauerkraut, select soups, and many of our daily specials. We are currently working on gluten free pierogi and presenting GF desserts at the cafe as well. New salads will pop up this spring and summer on both the buffet line and also on our fresh green salad menu line-up. We are also working on a new and unique catering menu…and we will have our own separate gluten free menus available to make deciding that much easier. We are super excited about our new gluten free catering menu which we will be launching this spring! So be sure to check it out!


We want you, our customers, to know….that we truly care what goes into the food we present to you. Our food is made fresh every single day. Our chefs arrive at 6:00am and cook through the morning for the food that’s ready and out there at 11:00am. Everything sells out by 2:00pm so there is NEVER any reheating or left overs here at DRM. You will never find frozen food other than our homemade pierogi in our freezer. Everything we prepare here is scratch made! All of our dressings are homemade, and even the ingredients included in our bakery goods are simple, and of quality…its the European way, just read the label to see for yourself. Should you ever have questions about our cuisine and need allergen information, please ask! We don’t take any short cuts here.

So follow along with us as we enhance the DRM experience here in the community. You have been an important part of making these changes here. We really take to heart our customers input and we are so happy to accommodate and serve you! We are here for you and are happy to answer any questions you have. We are thrilled to share with you some truly amazing eating experiences here at DRM in the near future!


Jojo & Dan

Joanna Migo