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Preparing the Traditional Polish Vegetable Salad

I was introduced to the traditional Polish vegetable salad at my first Easter celebration with Dan's family. I remember how his mom prepared the table so beautifully with all the traditional dishes of Easter, starting first with the imported tablecloths, elegant serving dishes, filled with soups like borscht and zurek, and accompanied by soft boiled eggs, wedding sausage, beets, horseradish, fresh salads, Polish rye bread and more. 

 I remember tasting the vegetable salad that day and falling in love with the mix of the sweet and savory vegetables, and the play between the soft vegetables and the crunchy vegetables. It had all the right ingredients that produced the perfect balance of taste, texture, and of course tradition.

I decided to make this salad using my mom's recipe. Now every region in Poland and even every household may make this salad a little bit different, some add onion (my girls don't like onion)...some may add more root vegetables like celery root or parsnips...and I've even come across recipes that add lemon juice and even beans. Feel free to adjust it to your liking. 

Now if you are a mom like me, this is the PERFECT recipe to have  your little helping hands get involved with! There is a lot of chopping, and bright colors, and lots of healthy bites for them to sneak along the way. It may get a bit messy, but the clean up is always worth it in the end! As I detail the recipe below, you will meet my sweet little Izzy who is quite the little chef in the kitchen...


Here are the ingredients you will need...

4 large potatoes, boiled, then cooled, and cut into tiny cubes

4 carrots, boiled, cooled, and cut into tiny cubes

4 hard boiled eggs, cooled, and cut into tiny cubes

1 cup-1 1/2 cups of frozen peas cooked and cooled

1 large sweet apple, peeled and cut into tiny cubes

2 Polish pickles cut into tiny cubes 

A handful of fresh parsley

2 cups of mayo

Salt & Pepper



You will need a very large mixing bowl. After the eggs and all the vegetables  are cooked and cooled, simply chop them, and mix them together, gently folding in the mayo. Season with salt and pepper, and garnish with fresh parsley...and that's it!

It's great to enjoy as soon as it is prepared and even better if you cover it and let it chill for three hours! Sprinkle some Hungarian paprika on it right before serving and enjoy! It makes for a beautiful, fresh, and fun salad to make yourself, especially with your little ones...not to mention its super healthy!


DRM prepares this delicious salad quite regularly. You can find it in the grocery section and you can also place a custom catering order for it alongside our other traditional Polish dishes or signature sandwiches. To view our other fabulous salads that we offer simply click on the Hot Entree Catering Menu and also Daily Cafe Menu section of our website.



J. Migo


Joanna Migo