Meet Vita

The Artisan Transforming the Beauty of Lithuanian Wildlife into Everyday Art.


It's been over a year since we first opened the doors of DRM European Cafe & Delicatessen in downtown Saint Charles. I have been truly immersed in the wonderful world of culture, tradition, and cuisine of all the beautifully diverse countries of eastern and central Europe. As I have watched customers come inside our cafe, I have personally observed how very proud our community is...of their own ethnicity, of the countries we represent, the traditions we hold dear, the authentic cuisine we share, and of the gifts and imports that they remember as a child that fill our shelves.

 It was only natural for me to extend DRM into the direction of a unique gift shop. A gift shop that would feature local artisans and artisans overseas who specialize in European inspired crafts. And journey began into this new direction having stumbled upon Vita, the artisan and owner of Kaupole, a unique studio in Vilnius, Lithuania where she specializes in creating works of art using the craft of lino block printing. 





The word Kaupolė describes a delicate bundle of Lithuanian herbs that is collected for very special ceremonies of the ancient Baltic festival Kupolinės. These herbs are the inspiration for Vita in opening up her store and expressing the beauty of the Lithuanian wildlife through drawing and printing the plants on her beautiful linens. 

Each linen she makes is unique and requires specific planning and precision to produce a beautiful product in the end. Vita's process involves observing the beautiful plants in nature, then drawing them, followed by cutting the plant form out of the linoleum and casting it on a special stamp. She then stamps them onto quality linen fabrics, producing an assortment of tablecloths, bags, cosmetic bags, and even clothes. 

We are very proud to be able to offer her unique textiles inside DRM. Each table runner that we will display is stamped with love and exquisite detail, and reflects the beautiful country of Lithuania...and most importantly, the passion of Vita. 

* You can find Vita's handmade table linens inside the gift shop section of DRM Cafe.*

"Intentionally or not, all things Lithuanian inspire me the most. Maybe it's a reflection of my subconsciousness. Depictions of ethnic culture, Baltic motifs- I interpret them and try to find an application for them in the form of modern household goods."  -Vitolda Latvelytė Stragiené

J. Migo